Brandon Wimmer – Atomic Charge!

(Bill W) August 26, 2014 – Brandon Wimmer and Hammer Motorsports #24H team put on a show last Saturday night at Atomic Speedway near Chillicothe, Ohio.  In the first Renegade Sprint Series event, the Fairmount, Indiana driver put on a charge, driving from 18th to second in the feature.  This weekend finds the team at Attica Raceway Park in Ohio for action with the All Stars.

The charge was necessitated by a mishap in time trials that saw Brandon clock in 20th quick.  “The left sideboard collapsed on our first lap of qualifying,” he says.  “It’s amazing what that can do to a racecar.  It took all the downforce away, and it was ugly.”

That would set Brandon up outside row one for the heat race.  “We were able to win it,” he says.  “The car was working really well there.  That place is one of my favorite tracks.  The way the banking is, you can usually use the whole track.  It’s a pretty neat place.”

Brandon Wimmer – Fourth in Michigan!

(Bill W) August 20, 2014 – Brandon Wimmer and the Hammer Motorsports #24H team returned to action last Saturday night at the Butler Battlegrounds in Michigan with the All Stars.  A fourth place finish capped off a successful night.  The team plans on heading to Atomic Speedway near Chillicothe, Ohio this Saturday night for an event sanctioned by the new Renegade Series.

The Fairmount, Indiana driver would time in fourth quick on Saturday and run fourth in the heat race.  “We were lucky in the heat to miss a wreck on the first lap,” says Brandon.  “Butler is a sandy track that can be hard on tires.”

Qualifying fourth quick qualified Brandon for the Dash.  “We started outside the front row with Dale (Blaney),” he says.  “The motor stuttered a little on us.  I didn’t get a very good start and fell back to third on the first lap.  That’s where we ended up.”

Brandon Wimmer – Butler up Next!

(Bill W) August 14, 2014 – Brandon Wimmer and the Hammer Motorsports #24H will be competing this weekend in Butler, Michigan with the All Stars.  Last week, the team just kept getting better as the week went on at the 54th Annual Knoxville Nationals in Iowa.  Saturday started with a top ten finish in the afternoon program, and ended one spot out of a transfer to the C in the finale.

The team’s plans to get some laps earlier in the season had washed out, so their first look at Knoxville in 2014 was at the “Capitani Classic” a week ago Sunday.  Arguably, the toughest one-day show in the country, saw the Fairmount, Indiana driver join 47 other cars in missing the feature.  “There were seventy cars or something, and we just hadn’t had any laps at the track,” says Brandon.  “We didn’t qualify well, and that put us a little behind all week.”

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